Amazing Abu Dhabi

While in Dubai we thought what else can we do. My wife had read of the Great Mosque in Abu Dhabi so we thought why don’t we go to visit it. Easy, now we just need a way to get there. We did think of hiring a car but sounded like a lot of hassle. … Read more

Delightful Dubai

With a week off work coming up, we sat at home one evening and thought about what we could do with the time off. We were thinking of staying home but at the same time thought that it would be cool to explore somewhere new. For a while we have wanted to visit Lisbon so … Read more

Stunning Scotland

Having spent a good 15 years in Scotland while studying it was only right that we ventured up north for a visit together. Being her first visit to Scotland, and having not been back in about 10 years, it was always going to be interesting. We started the day off by making our way to … Read more

Perfect Paris

Eurostar, Le Petit Prince and Amelie cafe, and lots and lots of laughs throughout the city with such an amazing time spend together. Surprisingly I actually liked Paris on this trip. Each trip keeps getting better and better. I was caught in two minds of this trip – on the one hand, I didn’t really … Read more

Splendid Slovenia

Meet the extended family kind of trip and visit that can only be described as a fairy tale — an amazing voyage that was truly magical, from start to finish. This was a different trip, my brother and his wife in Europe, we all decided to meet up in Slovenia and spend a few days … Read more

Viva Venezia

Trip to the watery Venice which I absolutely loved and the location of my proposal to my future one of a kind wife. This time, she experienced the 11-hour flight from São Paulo to London and then a transit for another flight to Venice. I could see that she was tired, but I am very … Read more

Impressive Iguaçu

A surprise trip to such an amazing and enchanting place. I was astonished, amazed and surprised every single second by the beauty of this place. Following our trip to Montevideo, we flew back to São Paulo, changed airport (which is an experience and trip in itself) and flew to Iguaçu. Going to another location after … Read more

Magical Montevideo

Montevideo, our first trip together which can either make or break any hope of a relationship. So very glad and thankful it was the former, and it was such an amazing trip from start to finish. Loved every single second of it. Montevideo, what can be said other than amazing place and even better company. … Read more